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holy shit

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Daniel Kibblesmith @kibblesmith “I Supporth The Officer Who, Literally, The Only Publicly Released Information About Him Is That He Shot An Unarmed 18 Year Old Six Times”

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God I hope this is true.

Oh my god it is.


i dropped my monster space condom for my magnum astro dong

i dropped my monster space condom for my magnum astro dong

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you go, mega slowbro

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"What do you plan to do with your future?"



The moral of the story is to always carry an axe

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now this is what i like to see… if i’m gonna buy some fancy new Strong Product i wanna see it beat the weaker version of itself into total useless garbage…… its called innovation and i’ve never been so happy to be a capitalist…


sometimes i wonder if this website is okay

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I love how they gave Yondu, shown as an unscrupulous space bandit, the most innocuous and weird hobby imaginable. His fondness for tiny little figurines and awkward nicknacks is so funny when he’s the same guy who leads an entire hangar of thieves and junk traders.

You’d think he’d be more interested in slitting peoples’ throats than collecting cute things to pile on his dashboard, but no. It’s almost as if he’s sentimental at Peter’s prank, thinking, “That’s my weird little beige son, pulling petulant shit like this!”

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Avoid breaking the 180 RULE in visual storytelling! The late, Great SATOSHI KON tells you why in this classic. 

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let’s cut the bullshit and ask the question everyone’s been wondering but no one else has the balls to ask. what would a crucifix look like in the cars universe?

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Oklahoma Cop Charged With Raping 6 Women While on Patrol





trigger warning: rape, sexual assault

An Oklahoma City police officer was arrested Thursday and charged sexually assaulting at least six women while he was on patrol, though police expect more alleged victims to come forward.

Daniel Holtzclaw is charged with rape, oral sodomy and sexual battery. The three-year veteran of the force is being held on a $5 million bond, Reuters reports.

Police said the assaults took place while Holtzclaw was on the job, in some cases as a result of traffic stops.

alright first of all it’s really important to know that he attacked black women ages 34-58, where he demanded they expose themselves, fondle them, raping them, and either asking or demanding oral sex from them.

ladies of oklahoma, if you’ve been attacked by this man, most likely during traffic stops, please don’t be scared to report. this guy’s looking at life in prison and i’m sure your brave contribution would confirm his confinement.

jesus christ

This is what state violence against black women looks like, in just one of its many forms. Very bored with folk acting like only black men are under attack.

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when someone calls me ugly

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So Korra is still ill and Jinora is getting tattoos and you tryin to tell me Katara didn’t haul her arse from the South Pole to help/attend the ceremony?

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